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[√] This Journal is Friends-only [√]

Banner (c) [ profile] sarepthegreat

Comment to be considered.

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You gave me motivation to make this entry.
I was just too lazy.
/waves back

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TBH I made one because I just really liked that banner FFFFF. I'm glad I motivated you though~!! \o/

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Lol ♥
I spent weeks looking for a banner. There's only 'friends-only', not too many 'semi friends-only'.
Then I spent a few more weeks days gathering the will to set it up dhnweakwh

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add me xDD

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H-hi :D

[ profile] demoneyeskyo87 pointed me in your direction. Do you want to be friends? :)

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Oooohh sure!
He did? /blushes ohhh I'm so proud hawkejehk

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[ profile] demoneyeskyo87 rec'd you to me in a friending meme. Friends?

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Sure sure! :D
(deleted comment)

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No problem, no problem! /adds

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hello there! *waves* saw you through anitsi-c journal

may we be friends?

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Sure! I'll add you.

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ThankiesXD *adds you back*

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[ profile] deamoneyeskyo87 threw me at you.
which means we should be frands B)

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I've always stalked you

we totally should okok

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i secretly know that okok

lets do it man

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i am here to bother you and cling to you and steal your virginity.
blame [ profile] gingeynary

[identity profile] 2010-08-23 06:25 pm (UTC)(link)
sorry. you can't steal my virginity because it's already gone. just kidding

but i added you ♥

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I didn't realize you were a model too... /inwardly laughs

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I am everything, West. *everything*

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Indeed you are.

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We are already friends on Plurk.

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Sure! I'll add you

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[ profile] antonio und [ profile] insanityin3d said I should be your friend because you're pretty cool and I'm not pretty cool.

And we can be pretty cool together, k?

That and we seem to converse on plurk a lot and not know it. B|a
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You had me at hello ;;

Actually you had me as soon as I saw your icon okok /character bias forever



(deleted comment)

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i say yes

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Hey! This is Liah (revolutions) from Plurk, I hope you don't mind me adding you??? as I'm probably not going to be using Plurk so much now ♥

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I've added you ♥

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Thank you! ♥

Sorry for the late reply, googlemail is down in my area - has been for around 3 days now x_x

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we're friends on plurk and you seem like a pretty cool bro so um yeah??

i mean you don't have to if you don't want to i am pretty weird

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oops sorry for being late. sure, as long as you're ok with the fact that i NEVER POST ;;

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ahhh hey. we're friends on plurk and my old journal is [ profile] tekyfreakinator. would you consider adding me again?

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SURE! Added you ~

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Add please? :) I'm on your flist on my old account but not this one.

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(deleted comment)

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ADDED but you already knew it lmao ;;