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Anna ([personal profile] niyo) wrote2011-02-02 01:53 am
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In the end I couldn't get over it

Friends Cut

Since no one cut me I'll do this by myself. I'm sorry. Although I wasn't the one who posted those things at the meme, I kinda agree with some of them and I can't keep it up or deal with it anymore. I just feel really left out and excluded overall and I know nothing can solve it not even if I talk to the people. They'll either deny it either just not change. People tell other people to remove them if they have a problem and can't get over it. If I didn't cut you but you want to cut me go ahead I don't mind.

Please remove me from Plurk as well or if you're too lazy to do so I'll do it lmao. Altough I might be lazier than you I'M SORRY.

It's been good but it just didn't work. This was my first F-cut too..I hope I won't need to do another so soon. Comments are screened so say whatever you want.

in b4 i missed details in this post

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